Minecraft Server

My only active MC server is XDboy's Network v3. The IP to it is XDboysNetwork.aternos.me . Please note that it's not online 24/7.

When the server's on and you join it, you will spawn in front of an XDR sign and when you explore further, you'll find 3 different flags across the server - the XDR green-white-blue flag, the Placawian white-blue-black flag and the Airaglubian red-green-white flag. Those are the flags of all 3 countries in the "Halo" continent and in the server. Explore and eventually you can pick which country to be your home. You can also, if you want to, build your own country! It's fully up to you.

Flag of the XDboyan Republic

Flag of Placawia

Flag of Airaglub